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Navneet Evans

Senior Client Success Manager. Joined Impression in September 2020.

I have over 10 years of rounded traditional, shopper and digital marketing experience. I’ve had various in-house roles and Impression is my first stint at an agency. I’m able to dovetail my broader strategic marketing knowledge with commercial acumen attained in previous roles to my digital skills and awareness to support the account team in delivering great work and a brilliant client experience, knowing first-hand the expectations I had from agency partners when I worked in-house.

At Impression, no day is ever the same! I can be speaking with clients about how we can make our ways of working more efficient, championing the client’s business goals amongst the wider account team, or even helping review client’s marketing manager candidate CVs. I love the variety this role brings and developing relationships with clients to benefit both parties.

Something I’m proud of:
Working on the Star Wars Episode VII- IX product and movie releases when working at Disney!

Outside of work:
I’m passionate about discovering new music and artists and I’m partial to a hip hop/RnB karaoke session with trusted friends. I enjoy testing out new food and cocktail recipes and binging on box sets (more often than not about 6 years behind the curve!)

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