Since a young age I’ve always been interested in language, in particular the power it can hold in shaping ideals and changing minds. I realised very quickly that it was easier to talk my way out of something by using language effectively, and this level of influence fascinated me. Naturally, this led straight into the world of PR and marketing.

I spent my first few years in marketing in more traditional PR agencies, spending time completing PRCA wizardry and honing the vital PR skill on how to convincingly write about things that I have absolutely no idea about. I moved into broadcast and film PR at Pinewood Studios before moving in-house internationally to head up the Content, Communications and PR team for a social enterprise in Mumbai.

After my marketing adventure in the heavy SEO landscape of India, I had whetted my digital appetite and wanted to move over my discipline into an industry driven by data and tangible results. I therefore joined Impression in 2017 as Digital PR Specialist. My time at Impression consists mainly of working directly alongside the SEO team to tie PR into organic excellence, leading on off-page strategies and correcting peoples’ grammar.

When I’m not doing these things you’ll probably find me ranting about the subversive nature of capitalism or the heteronormative patriarchy to whoever is unfortunate enough to be in earshot.