I joined Impression in February 2018 as a part-time SEO Analyst while I finished my degree in Modern Language Studies (French, Spanish and Portuguese) at the University of Nottingham. On my year abroad I spent time in Paris working for a small production agency as a Business Development Assistant, managing the company’s social media and website while also finding leads through email marketing. This experience sparked my interest in SEO, motivating me to attend a Digital Marketing event run by my university where I eventually met Tom and Chloe – and the rest is history.

I am now a full-time SEO Strategist at Impression, working with clients across a wide range of industries to help meet their business goals, whether it be increasing their online brand visibility, website traffic or ecommerce revenue.

When I’m not optimising customer journeys or crafting engaging content, you can find me playing a game of squash with friends, relaxing in one of Camden’s fantastic coffee shops or binge watching any show starring Richard Ayoade.