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Hollie Edward

Paid Media Analyst. Joined Impression in January 2022.

Before joining Impression, I graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2019 with a degree in Graphic Design. My first job as a graphic designer was at a marketing agency, where I worked closely with the marketing team on various projects for our clients. Although I thoroughly enjoyed design work, I found the world of marketing was more my cup of tea. So, when I saw a role going at Impression and thought it was too good an opportunity to miss, I jumped ship, and here I am.

My role is to assist on our client accounts and campaigns, helping with the day-to-day running of the accounts.

Something that I’m proud of:
The most recent thing I’m proud of is how far I’ve come with my running. At first I couldn’t run 1km without needing to stop. But now I do a 10km run every week, no sweat! (Okay, maybe a little bit of sweat…) I also make a pretty darn good chocolate fudge cake which I am very proud of.

Outside of work:
I like to stay as active as I can, usually trying to get out of the house to do something most days. But I also spend a lot of time working in sketchbooks, even though my professional career has moved away from art and design I still enjoy working on new ideas and compositions in my spare time.

Hollie Edward has specialist knowledge in Paid Media.