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George Gangar

Head of Strategy and Solutions. Joined Impression in July 2021.

I was first introduced to digital marketing when I started working for a friend that had set up an SEO company. After a year in this role, wanting to explore new skills, I moved into a PPC role at another agency. As that agency grew, it became apparent that there was a need to create a strategy and planning team to service our largest and most complex accounts, a team which I quickly moved into. After reaching a point where I felt that I needed a new challenge, I came across Impression and both the role and the company were exactly what I was looking for and the rest, as they say, is history!

Day-to-day I look for ways that we can develop Impression’s digital strategy offering, ensuring that we are able to act as a strategic business partner to our clients, helping them maximise performance through a multi-channel approach to their digital marketing activity.

Something that I’m proud of:
I’ve always tried to dedicate some of my time to pro bono work and have worked with quite a few small charities to help them get their digital marketing activity off the ground. I’ve also volunteered in educational schemes to help young people learn about the world of digital and to build their skills in this area. I find this type of work hugely rewarding.

Outside of work:
Outside work I enjoy travelling, with highlights including visiting places like Uganda and Vietnam, plus a previous life as a husky sledder in Canada. At the moment I’m also undertaking a masters in media policy, through which I developed a proposal on how to prevent the spread of fake news online that was submitted as evidence to a parliamentary select committee.

George Gangar has specialist knowledge in Digital Marketing Strategy.