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Clarissa Ankrah

SEO Analyst. Joined Impression in May 2022.

I studied Management Studies (Marketing) at the University of Leicester from 2017-2020. I have experience working agency side for a lead generation agency. Whilst I was there I really found my passion for SEO.

Day-to-day I help clients achieve their goals through SEO. For myself specifically, this involves competitor analysis, keyword research and ensuring there is a high level of site visibility to increase a client’s conversions!

Something that I’m proud of:
During the first lockdown, I took part in an interior design masterclass; learning the ins and outs of running a company, the best software to use and how to gain clients.

Outside of work:
Besides being on TikTok and Twitter, in my free time I am a serial Netflix and all-round series binger. I also like to play The Sims 4, read the odd book chapter and articles, and discover new places to enjoy and visit.

Clarissa Ankrah has specialist knowledge in SEO.